Keep Fuel Affordable

Working families rely on gas to get to work and take their kids to school, farmers rely on diesel to power tractors and harvest food, and all of us rely on the trucks that deliver goods to our ports, stores and front doors. Until everyone in our state can participate in the clean energy economy, we must ensure those making the transition have access to affordable fuel. 

Opt-in to our campaign today by signing the Affordable Fuel Washington petition! Let the governor and legislature know we need to keep fuel affordable for Washington families and businesses.

To Governor Inslee and the Washington State Legislature:

We are families, businesses, and farmers. We all have a stake in Washington’s economy and want to be part of it as the state continues its progress towards a cleaner environment.

We rely on affordable fuel to power our businesses, harvest produce, get our kids to school, and bring goods to market and our doorsteps.

We respectfully ask that as you consider balanced policies that recognize our need for affordable fuel.

Please keep fuel affordable so we can continue to thrive and do business in this great state.

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