Avoid Breaking the Bank This Holiday Ski Season

Washingtonians love skiing and snowboarding. In fact, it’s one of a few outdoor recreational activities that contribute to billions of dollars in annual expenditures in our state. 

In addition to enjoying great food, exchanging gifts, and spending quality time with loved ones – you can expect a swell of residents to flock to the mountains and enjoy the record-setting levels of snow at Crystal Mountain, Alpental, and Stevens Pass this Holiday season.

You can also expect residents to spend a lot of money. With the rising costs of lift ticket prices at our favorite Washington resorts, in addition to the fact that the average consumer plans on spending an average of $660 on boots, polls, bindings, and other gifts this year – it’s important that we find ways to save money and keep budgets balanced.

Unfortunately for Washington state residents, the cost of fuel makes saving difficult. It’s no surprise that gas prices are high today, but did you know that our state’s gas taxes are the second highest in the country? At nearly $.70 cents per gallon, a recent law requires gas stations display stickers that list out the fully burden cost of fuel for consumers.  

While there are tips to cut back trips to the pump, and strategies for not breaking the bank on your family ski weekend –  the fact is we need affordable fuel for Washingtonians to enjoy the holidays, and not feel financial stress as we continue hitting the slopes.

Affordable Fuel Washington is committed to supporting commonsense policies that prevent increases on fuel costs, while incentivizing smart, balanced energy use. If you’re excited to head up to the mountains this holiday season, but need to keep fuel costs within your budget, visit our site and become an advocate today.