Capitol Dispatch: Local lawmakers oppose clean fuel standard

A clean fuel standard intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars, trucks and other vehicles passed out of the state House on Wednesday and was sent to the Senate, where the same bill stalled last session.

All four representatives from the 19th and 20th Legislative Districts voted against the measure, saying it could increase gas prices by as much as 57 cents per gallon.

State Sen. John Braun, a Centralia Republican, said he will vote against the measure if it makes it to the Senate floor. Sen. Dean Takko, a Longview Democrat, said he has “serious concerns” and is leaning towards voting against the bill. Multiple lawmakers said there doesn’t seem to be enough support to pass the measure out of the Senate. …

State Rep. Richard DeBolt, a Chehalis Republican, said he voted against the bill because it will disproportionately hurt rural communities where people have to drive further for school and work. And he said it isn’t clear how the mitigation revenue would be used or invested.

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