Get Ready for $.46 Jump in Fuel Coming 2023–Here’s Why

Information released Tuesday by the Washington Policy Center shows the ‘estimates’ given to the legislature about gas price hikes from Gov. Inslee’s coveted ‘Climate Commitment Act’ were well below reality,

Get ready for a $.46 cent hit per gallon come 2023.

David Boze, WPC Communications Director, has released some revised information about what the cost to consumers will be in 2023 with Inslee’s plan. It’s a tax on Co2 or carbon emissions that’s expected to add at least $.46 cents to each gallon of gas.

It’s NOT a gas tax, but a behind-the-pump tax that begins with companies being required to purchase carbon credits. In layman’s terms, they are only allowed to pollute to a certain degree (carbon) and they have to purchase credits to do so. The more credits you have, the more you can ‘pollute.’  That’s basically how this works.

The report shows estimates for costs to consumers nearly twice as projected

Boze reports that a study done by The Washington Research Council indicates the figures and estimates given to the legislature when this plan was being proposed were woefully underestimated. Diesel, meanwhile, would rise as much as $.56 per gallon.

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