Helping Families with Affordable Energy

The fall season is an exciting time for families across Washington state – especially for parents. Whether you’re dropping your kid off at school, carpooling to dance practice or heading to a football game, this time of year takes a toll on spare time.     

It also takes its toll on pocketbooks. Today, the average family spends nearly $700 on back-to-school shopping. Raising a child alone can cost up to $14,000 a year. Couple this with our current reality that parents will pay nearly 30 cents more per gallon to drive their kids to school nationwide, means that families can expect to spend more this season.

While there are a number of ways to curb the number of trips to the pump, the fact is, families rely on fuel to get to work and take their kids to school, practice and away games. This – and many other demands – demonstrate why we must have access to affordable fuel so that Washington state families can live their lives and get to the places they need to go.

Affordable Fuel Washington supports commonsense policies that don’t increase fuel costs on families, while incentivizing responsible and balanced energy use. If you’re a busy parent and are interested in learning how to get involved, visit our about page and take action today.