Low-carbon fuel standard, requirements for ride-hailing companies among Gov. Inslee’s climate proposals

… The governor, during a morning news conference in Olympia, asked the Legislature to pass a low-carbon fuel standard, a requirement for ride-hailing companies to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions, a bill to create a zero-emission vehicle program and legislation to “align Washington’s emission targets with the latest science,” which would make them more ambitious.

An hour later, climate advocates held a rally in Seattle, trying to bolster support for a separate low-carbon fuel standard under consideration by the local clean air agency that serves the state’s most populous counties.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency measure, which would apply to King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties, could push the state Legislature this session to adopt the bill, or deal with the consequences of having different fuel policies in regions of the state. …

Opponents warned of economic consequences, particularly to the trucking industry, which is more sensitive to price increases per gallon of fuel.

“Everyone wants clean air, but we don’t want to cripple an industry,” said Travis Metzger, a business agent with Local 528, a union of cement masons and plasterers, in an interview. “Cement deliveries, iron deliveries, everything is passed through trucking.”

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