A New Coalition to Keep Fuel Affordable in Washington

Affordable Fuel Washington (AFW) launches today with a broad coalition of employer associations and concerned citizens from around the state. An advocacy organization, AFW will work with lawmakers and in local communities across Washington to support policies that keep fuel affordable.

Our state continues to be a national leader in energy innovation. But no matter how quickly energy alternatives are developed, traditional fuel sources will continue to power our economy and our communities for many years to come.

Working families rely on gas to get to work and take their kids to school; farmers rely on diesel to power their equipment, harvest their crops, and bring them to market; airlines require high quality fuels to provide the services we take for granted; and all of us rely on petroleum products to bring first responders when we need them. These – and many other demands – demonstrate why we must have access to affordable fuel for businesses to continue operating and for families to live their lives.

Over the next legislative session and beyond, Affordable Fuel Washington will support common-sense policies that help keep fuel affordable as Washington moves toward a clean energy future. 

To learn more and get involved, sign the Affordable Fuel Washington petition today and visit our about page.