Make Your Voice Heard

Tell Jay Inslee and Your Elected Representatives That You Oppose the LCFS—a Costly, Regressive and Ineffective Fuel Mandate Proposed for Washington.

Governor Jay Inslee has proposed a new costly and ineffective fuel mandate for Washington—known as a low carbon fuel standard, or LCFS—that studies show could increase your fuel costs by up to 57 cents per gallon,1 without providing transportation infrastructure improvements or significant emissions reductions.1,2,3,4

And while studies have shown that an LCFS would place enormous cost burdens on Washington families and businesses,5 it is estimated that more 70% of these costs—hundreds of millions of dollars every year—would likely go to out-of-state or foreign fuel producers.6 In California and Oregon, up to 75% of compliance costs for LCFS went to fuel producers in other states in 2019.6

LCFS is the wrong policy for Washington. Your elected representatives need to hear from you—please take action today to let them know that Washington families and business can’t afford this costly and ineffective fuel mandate. Please use the email tool here to add your voice today to the growing number of Washington citizens, employers, farmers, organizations and families who are opposing the costly, regressive and ineffective fuel policy.

Make Your Voice Heard

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