House Bill 2119 / Senate Bill 5974

Two bills, House Bill 2119 and Substitute Senate Bill 5974 currently moving through the Washington State Legislature, would have created a costly mandate which would raise taxes on fuel exported by Washington manufacturers and could harm our state’s economy. In their current form, these bills also include a ban on gasoline engines.

With your help, Legislators heard from Washingtonians all across the state that this unprecedented and ill-conceived fuel export tax should be removed from the bill. The final package passed without the additional export fuel tax included.

The official website of the Washington State Legislature maintains tracking of bill status, links to video and records of committee hearings and floor activity, links to forms for public comment on the proposal, and related documents. Click below to access the current text of the legislative proposal, and the legislature’s most current information for HB 2119 and SSB 5974.