Editorial: Who causes high fuel prices? Politicians need only look in mirror

A couple of months ago, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee famously said that oil companies alone are to blame for skyrocketing gasoline and diesel fuel prices in his state. “We want to give drivers relief. We want to go to the heart of this problem, which is the greed and avarice of oil companies, who are […]

WA’s carbon-pricing auctions collect nearly $1.5 billion as allowances reach record price

The price of Washington’s carbon emission allowances reached an all-time high in the state’s fourth auction last week, with revenue from the program nearing $1.5 billion in its first year. The revenue has far outpaced early estimates, and now a group that helped advocate for and pass the legislation that created the carbon-pricing market is […]

Washington CO2 price jumps again, reaching 50 cents per gallon

The results of the latest auction of CO2 allowances were announced and the price continues to rise, increasing 12 percent above the amount from just three months ago. The price hit $63.03 per metric ton of CO2, which amounts to about 50 cents per gallon of gasoline and 61 cents per gallon for diesel. The […]

More pricey carbon allowances sell amid pain at the pump

A special pool of carbon allowances was auctioned by the Department of Ecology last week and the results figure to pour figurative gasoline on the debate over the cap-and-trade system’s impact on the price of actual gasoline. This latest auction stems from the state’s Climate Commitment Act which caps the total amount of CO2 that […]

WA’s carbon-pricing program nears $1 billion in revenue, far outpacing early estimates

Washington’s latest auction of carbon-emission allowances raked in $62.5 million last week, with revenue from the state’s carbon-pricing program now nearing a billion dollars and far outpacing early estimates. The state Department of Ecology announced Wednesday the results of its special auction held last week because the previous quarterly auction in May exceeded a “trigger” […]

WA lawmakers must fix carbon program that’s hiking gas prices

Washington state now has the highest gas prices in the country and there’s no doubt the price at the pump is hurting families. People living in rural parts of the state, especially, can’t change their driving habits on a whim. If they live 20 miles away from town, taking public transportation isn’t an option. And […]

Washington law to cap carbon emissions causes higher prices at the pump

STATE LINE, Idaho — Many Washington drivers are heading to Idaho for cheaper gas, as gas stations near State Line are nearly a dollar less per gallon than in Eastern Washington. As gas prices continue to rise, drivers say it’s putting a squeeze on them once again. “It’s horrible. It’s a joke. I just can’t […]