OPINION: Lawmakers must reject costly, ineffective fuel mandate

In the midst of the greatest economic downturn of our time, state lawmakers are pursuing legislation that would significantly increase fuel costs for Snohomish County families, farmers and businesses. In addition to a proposed gas tax hike and a carbon fee, legislators are once again considering a low carbon fuel mandate that would substantially increase […]

Opinion: Data doesn’t support clean fuel standard claims

A recent opinion piece in the Business Journal urged legislators in Olympia to adopt a clean fuel standard for economic and environmental reasons. However, based on the results of this fuel mandate in California and Oregon, also known as the low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS), many of those claims are not supported by actual data. First, […]

Latest state green bill needs more thought

Residents throughout Walla Walla County have voiced concern over House Bill 1091. … Though this low carbon fuel standard plan for Washington state has good intentions, its price tag at the pump is too much for state residents, particularly for farmers and long-haul truckers. … “I think there would be a significantly negative impact on […]

Washington’s Gas Prices Expected to Soar

As the State legislative leaders began budget negotiations behind closed doors, Senate Democrats brought two major proposals that are part of Gov. Inslee’s climate-change agenda to the floor for a vote on Thursday. … The two bills referenced are SB 5126, which would establish a cap-and-trade program and it passed by a 25-24 vote, with […]

Proposal for cleaner fuel in Washington could raise gas prices

Republican critics cited a 2019 study by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, which found a clean fuel standard could raise gasoline prices 57-cents a gallon. OLYMPIA, Wash. — A proposal for a new clean fuel standard in Washington state, which could raise gas prices, passed off the floor of the state’s House Saturday and […]

‘This is bad policy’: Low-carbon fuel bill in Olympia would raise cost of gas, diesel

A bill addressing climate change, one of Gov. Jay Inslee’s goals for this legislative session, passed in the Washington House of Representatives on Saturday with support from Democrats. During a virtual floor debate, Republicans opposed the measure. … … Republicans say it could raise the price of gasoline for every Washingtonian by 57 cents and […]

House passes LCFS bill amid concerns over cost, program effectiveness

The State House passed 3SHB 1091 on Feb. 27 which would create a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). The measure moved forward following hours of debate and a variety of technical amendments. Prior to the 52-46 vote, Republican lawmakers unsuccessfully sought to add several amendments, including one that would preserve a provision in the 2015 […]

Washington farm groups skeptical about promised clean fuels bonanza

OLYMPIA — Washington House Democrats are again moving to adopt a low-carbon fuel standard, and farm groups continue to be among those pushing back. The policy requires gasoline and diesel to have more alternative fuels such as ethanol and renewable diesel. Supporters say the mandate fights climate change and creates markets for farmers. Northwest Agricultural […]

How the low-carbon fuel standard may hurt working class families

Governor Inslee and Democrats in Olympia are once again pushing a low-carbon fuel standard, in an effort to encourage greener options in the state fuel market. But critics argue that it will greatly cost the state and have little return on investment. Randy Pepple is with the group Affordable Fuel Washington and joined the Dori […]

Cost is too high for Washington state low carbon fuel standards

Once again Gov. Jay Inslee is pitching a low carbon fuel standard plan for Washington state. And, yet again, it’s price tag at the pump is too much for state residents, particularly for farmers and long-haul truckers. … Washington competes with other states for businesses. We must remain competitive. In addition, many Washingtonians are hurting financially […]

WA lawmakers should talk to farmers before pushing a low carbon fuel plan

For the fourth year, Gov. Jay Inslee is pushing a low carbon fuel plan for Washington state, and for the fourth year in a row the proposal still promises too little benefit to justify the extra cost at the gas pump. While the arguments for and against the plan haven’t changed much, this year proponents […]

Will LCFS raise gas prices? California, Oregon, and WA budget agency say “yes.”

Imposing a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS), as proposed by a bill in Olympia, will increase gas prices about 10 cents a gallon. Who says so? The state of Oregon does, where they have an LCFS. The state of California does, where they imposed an LCFS a decade ago. And, Stu Clark, the policy advisor at […]

LCFS, round 4

For the past four consecutive legislative sessions, lawmakers have introduced proposals to impose a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) in Washington state. … Much of the discussion during a Jan. 14 public hearing on the bill in the House Committee on Environment & Energy rehashed arguments made in years past by both proponents and critics. […]

Commentary: Clean fuels standard too costly and not effective

State legislation would result in higher gas prices and wouldn’t significantly lower carbon emissions.

… Whether part of a transportation package, or passed on its own, an LCFS should be rejected. An LCFS would be costly, provide negligible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and it would do nothing to improve our state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. In fact, an LCFS would actually threaten transportation funding by adding to fuel costs […]