Legislature looking to quietly adopt a last-minute carbon tax

The voters have twice rejected carbon taxes and the legislature has consistently refused to adopt a carbon tax or cap-and-trade system. Despite that, a last-minute carbon tax/cap-and-trade bill that skipped the policy committee hearing process is being pushed by some legislators. HB 2957 would give complete authority to the Department of Ecology to create a […]

New Clean Air Rule proposal could be costly for consumers

While scores of truckers, loggers and other stakeholders testified this week against ESHB 1110 which would create a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS), its sponsor Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34) has also sponsored a new version of previous Clean Air Rule legislation that would give the state Department of Ecology broad authority to authorize an LCFS—and more. The proposal, HB 2957, was […]

HB 1110 and SB 5412, the high costs and small environmental benefits of a Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

Key Findings Low-carbon fuel standards (LCFS) have been tried in British Columbia, California, and Oregon and the results consistently show high costs and small environmental benefits. Using existing prices from California, the LCFS in Washington would cost about 36 cents per gallon of gas when fully implemented. The LCFS is also about 29 times as […]

Commentary: Clean fuels standard too costly and not effective

State legislation would result in higher gas prices and wouldn’t significantly lower carbon emissions.

… Whether part of a transportation package, or passed on its own, an LCFS should be rejected. An LCFS would be costly, provide negligible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and it would do nothing to improve our state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. In fact, an LCFS would actually threaten transportation funding by adding to fuel costs […]

LCFS proposal “destroys our competitiveness”

The state House has voted 52-44 in favor of a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) program via HB 1110; introduced last year and at that time approved by the chamber 53-43, the legislation reached the Senate Transportation Committee before it was referred back to the House. The vote this session was preceded by hours-long impassioned […]

The cost of Oregon’s low-carbon fuel mandate more than doubled in 2019

In 2019, the cost of Oregon’s low-carbon fuel mandate more than doubled, jumping from 1 cent per gallon to about 2.4 cents per gallon. Additionally, Oregon’s fuel mandate is less than 5 percent as effective at cutting CO2 as common alternatives used by Seattle City Light and others. During today’s media briefing about the upcoming […]

Puget Sound LCFS could cost $900 per household

While the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) considers a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) within four counties, Governor Jay Inslee’s newly released proposed operating budget includes a similar LCFS proposal and $1.5 million in funding to implement the plan. It marks the third time legislators have looked at the idea which is already in […]

Davis: Big Concerns In 2020 Include Low Carbon, Gas Tax

Looking at the 2020 Washington legislative session, scheduled to get underway in a few weeks, what concerns Tom Davis with the Washington Farm Bureau?  The continued push for a Low Carbon Fuel standard in Olympia. “A lot of the conservation and environmental groups in the state have placed the low carbon fuel standard as their […]