Ecology quietly scrubs the gas price impacts of CO2 tax from their web page

Even as Washington’s gas prices have increased compared to neighboring states, staff at the Washington State Department of Ecology have repeatedly downplayed the impact of the state’s new tax on CO2 emissions. Last year, when asked about the impact on gas and diesel, Governor Inslee claimed, “This is going to have a minimal impact, if […]

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Proposed budget spends more than half of climate funding on expanding government, not climate projects

The Democrats in the State House released their proposed budget and outlined how $306 million of the revenue from the state’s new CO2 tax will be used in the 2023-25 biennium. An examination of the budget line items shows that more than half of the expenditure goes to expanding government functions – planning, permitting, staffing, […]

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Editorial: Carbon credit auction is a perilous experiment

Anyone who maintains that Washington’s carbon credit mandate will have a minimal impact on consumers need only look at the results of the first auction. The take — $299.7 million — was 50% higher than the state had estimated. Some 6.18 million carbon allowances sold for $48.50 each, the Department of Ecology announced one week […]

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