Washington’s record gas prices linked to Climate Commitment Act, says Association of Washington Business

Tri-Cities Wash. — This week for the first time in history, Washington has the highest gas prices in the country, today we talked to the Association of Washington Business, which says the recently passed Climate Commitment Act, could be playing a part in higher prices.

The Department of Ecology says businesses like Tesoro, and the Puget Sound Refinery, which fall under the act are required to purchase offset credits or allowances from the state to cover their emissions, state allowances are obtained through an auction. …

Leaders from the Association of Washington Business say they’re already seeing issues in the program’s start, like not enough credits to go around, and almost double the cost per allowance than initially estimated.

They tell us while it was clear going in, gas prices would increase, they say officials initially told consumers the increase would be pennies on the dollar.

After the second auction at the end of May, the AWB says it’s time for serious discussions with Policy-Makers about the program.

AWB leaders say they do believe this is affecting prices at the pump.

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