Washington gas taxes to nearly double next year under carbon program

(The Center Square) – Washington state’s new tax on carbon dioxide emissions under the Climate Commitment Act is projected to add 46 cents per gallon to the cost of gas next year, nearly doubling the amount of taxes Washingtonians will pay at the pump. The current state gas tax is nearly 50 cents per gallon. […]

Get Ready for $.46 Jump in Fuel Coming 2023–Here’s Why

Information released Tuesday by the Washington Policy Center shows the ‘estimates’ given to the legislature about gas price hikes from Gov. Inslee’s coveted ‘Climate Commitment Act’ were well below reality, Get ready for a $.46 cent hit per gallon come 2023. David Boze, WPC Communications Director, has released some revised information about what the cost […]

Oregon Gov. Brown to Inslee: Put the idea of a fuel tax ‘back on the shelf’

… Every day, Oregonians and Washingtonians cross our shared border for work, commerce and recreation. Our communities, our economies and our peoples are linked. That’s why, if Washington leaders are advancing a policy that impacts the working families on our side of the river without benefit, I expect, at the very least, the common courtesy […]

Washington’s proposed gas export tax is ‘unacceptable,’ says Oregon governor

Among the many measures laid out by Washington Democrats in a proposed $16 billion transportation package is a tax on refined fuel exported to states like Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. … Washington state makes up 3.3% of the United States’ capacity for refined petroleum exports, according to 2019 data. … fuel exported outside of the […]

Little, Wasden call on Inslee to stop fuel tax on Idahoans

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden sent a letter to Washington Governor Jay Inslee today calling on him to step in and stop Washington’s dangerous proposals to increase the cost of fuel for Idahoans. Democrats in the Washington Legislature are pushing a package of bills that would tax fuel shipped […]

Oregon House Republicans testify before Washington Legislature to fight for hardworking Oregonians

Rep. Boshart Davis and Rep. Brock Smith oppose proposal to fund Washington road projects by taxing Oregonians

SALEM, Ore. – Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) and Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) spoke up for Oregonians today during the Washington State Legislature’s House Transportation Committee. The two Oregon legislators spoke in opposition to an “exported fuel tax” proposal from Washington Democrats to levy a new tax on 90 percent of Oregon’s transportation […]

Washington’s Gas Prices Expected to Soar

As the State legislative leaders began budget negotiations behind closed doors, Senate Democrats brought two major proposals that are part of Gov. Inslee’s climate-change agenda to the floor for a vote on Thursday. … The two bills referenced are SB 5126, which would establish a cap-and-trade program and it passed by a 25-24 vote, with […]

House passes LCFS bill amid concerns over cost, program effectiveness

The State House passed 3SHB 1091 on Feb. 27 which would create a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). The measure moved forward following hours of debate and a variety of technical amendments. Prior to the 52-46 vote, Republican lawmakers unsuccessfully sought to add several amendments, including one that would preserve a provision in the 2015 […]

Washington farm groups skeptical about promised clean fuels bonanza

OLYMPIA — Washington House Democrats are again moving to adopt a low-carbon fuel standard, and farm groups continue to be among those pushing back. The policy requires gasoline and diesel to have more alternative fuels such as ethanol and renewable diesel. Supporters say the mandate fights climate change and creates markets for farmers. Northwest Agricultural […]

Will LCFS raise gas prices? California, Oregon, and WA budget agency say “yes.”

Imposing a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS), as proposed by a bill in Olympia, will increase gas prices about 10 cents a gallon. Who says so? The state of Oregon does, where they have an LCFS. The state of California does, where they imposed an LCFS a decade ago. And, Stu Clark, the policy advisor at […]