Sen. Mark Schoesler: Inslee and friends still haven’t gotten message on carbon fees and taxes

Twice in the past three years, Washington voters decisively rejected efforts to impose carbon fees or taxes in our state: I-732 in 2016 and I-1631 last fall. Despite this clear message, Democrats keep wanting people to pay more for the energy they need, even though Washington already is a national leader in “clean energy” – […]

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The high environmental cost of proposed 2019 climate regulation

As a result of the failure to find a compromise on carbon policy over the last six years, the legislature is now proposing a number of regulatory policies to reduce CO2 emissions. Based on the experience of other states, projections show these policies will be expensive and waste resources that could be used more effectively. […]

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Climate proposals need better cost analysis

For Washington to show leadership on climate change and build support for costly new carbon-reduction programs, the state must do a better job explaining how they’ll affect taxpayers. The lack of clarity around costs is painful as the Legislature weighs four different proposals to reduce emissions — a carbon tax, a low-carbon fuel standard, a […]

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Researchers: Biofuels mandate may cause more harm than good with plowed-up land

Researchers say higher demand for corn and soybeans has hurt the environment.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of grasslands and wild habitat in the Upper Midwest have been plowed up to plant corn and soybeans in the past decade because of demand created by the government’s ethanol mandate, according to a trio of academic researchers who argue that federal biofuels policy is causing more environmental harm than […]

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New data shows California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard adds 16 cents/gallon to gasoline costs

Similar policy now under consideration by Washington State Legislature

SEATTLE — A California fuel policy is having a significant impact on the state’s gasoline and diesel costs according to new cost data released by state energy regulators. New data just reported by the California Energy Commission[1] shows the California low carbon fuel standard or “LCFS” now adds 16 cents/gallon to the cost of gasoline and […]

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LCFS: “Bad news all around”

A proposal to create a low carbon fuel standard program (LCFS) in Washington state has cleared the House Appropriations Committee and could soon land on the House floor for a vote. Supporters view it as one part of an overall clean energy plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, which in 2014 composed roughly […]

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Low Carbon Fuel Standard wrong for Washington: Costly, unworkable fuel policy

As part of his proposed 2019 climate agenda, the Governor wants the Legislature to take another run at imposing a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) on Washington, despite it having been rejected twice before and despite it being an ineffective and unsustainable proposal that has been shown to increase gasoline and diesel fuel prices in […]

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Low carbon fuel standard’s “hidden” gas tax

With Washington having the third-highest gas tax in the country, critics of a proposed low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) say it would make fuel prices even higher but without the benefits of gas tax revenue in transportation investments. … If approved, the bill directs the state Department of Ecology to set up the LCFS program […]

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Research & Commentary: Renewable Energy Mandate Expansion, Carbon-Dioxide Tax Would Make Life Harder for Low-Income Washingtonians

Carbon-dioxide taxes are inherently regressive and disproportionally harm low-income families. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found a $28 per ton carbon tax would result in energy costs being 250 percent higher for the poorest one-fifth of households than the richest one-fifth of households. CBO reports the reason for cost discrepancy is “a carbon tax would […]

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